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Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Tressa Monell, Vice President of HAM/FS Marketing

Meet Tressa Monell, our Vice President of HAM/FS Marketing who has been working here at The Mailworks for nearly 8 years. Find out what Tressa loves most about The Mailworks, what she does on a typical weekend, and her hidden talent.

What is something surprising about you that many people might not know?

I tap danced competitively from age 2-18, then returned for classes at the age of 31.  I no longer dance but when I did it took me all over the country, put me on television and instilled in me my competitive nature.  At about the age of 10 I remember performing impromptu to a live jazz band on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, while there for a national competition. Yes….I still have my tap shoes, and still to this day have dreams that I am on my way to a competition and have lost them.

What is your favorite thing about working at The Mailworks? 

Hands down the staff.  From upper management to new hires, the people are what makes this building what is it!  We work together and pitch in when it counts. We laugh and cry together, challenge each other, and are always more productive together.  It really is something to see! 

What do you do on a typical weekend?

Most weekends are for catching up on everything I let slide during the work week.  I enjoy my Sunday morning softball team, spending time with my boys and relaxing at home.  It feels good when weekends are productive, but let’s face it some Saturdays you just have to kick back with a glass of wine, some good music, and a little cornhole!   

Tressa Monell - The Mailworks Employee Spotlight

What is your best piece of career advice? 

Be confident, but never too confident that you forget to keep learning.  

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

Growing up we visited Ogunquit, Maine each year for 17 years.  Stayed at the same hotel, and frequented the same establishments.  My family developed friendships with the locals, and each year was a welcomed reunion.  Some of my most clearest memories come from the time spent there. It’s probably why I enjoy cracking a lobster as much as I do!

How would you describe The Mailworks culture in 3 words? 

Productive. Fun. Rewarding

What accomplishment from your time at The Mailworks are you most proud of?

I am certainly proud of my most recent promotion to Vice President.  When I started here, it was organizing zipcodes, ordering mailfiles and stuffing envelopes.  Becoming Vice President was more than a title addition after my name, it was the realization that I grew up here.  Being recognized by those I respect for both my professional and personal growth was an overwhelmingly proud moment.

What is your favorite thing about yourself? 

My well-rounded nature.  I’ve always liked that my personality and presence allows me to fit in nicely at a black tie event, then change in the car on the way to play 3rd base on the softball field.   

Tell us about your previous professional experience. 

I’ve been in this industry for 20 years! It was my first “real” job after college. I hoped would turn into a career – Thankfully it has.  Prior to my experience here, I worked as most do – Cashier, Waitress etc.  Oddly enough, I managed the Print Department at Office Max, and in college interned in the Audiology Department at St. Peter’s hospital – Now I help Audiologists grow their business with Print.  

How would you describe yourself to someone who’s never met you? 

Friendly, personable, probably a little odd, but good natured – with a little OCD sprinkled in for character.  Once you get to know me, it is not unusual for me to find comfort in being myself.  Myself – complete with random dance moves and singing a song that popped into my head because our conversation strung a few words together that put it there

Do you have any hidden talents? 

As a kid, my grandmother made certain I could knit, sew, and crochet.  So, yah – if you’re cold – I can whip you up a blanket or a scarf in a jiffy.  

Tressa Monell - The Mailworks Employee Spotlight

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