Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Production’s Sean Brierly

Meet Sean Brierly, a member of our production team who has been working here at The Mailworks for over five years. Find out what he does on a typical weekend, his favorite place he’s ever traveled, and his previous professional experience.

What do you do on a typical weekend?

Take it easy and relax. I like to take a little hike or go for a bike ride.

What is your best piece of career advice?

Save as much money as you can. 

Sean Brierly - The Mailworks Employee Spotlight

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?


What person, fictional or real, has inspired you the most?

Michael Jordan. He inspires me because he never gave up and always did his best. He’s a winner.

What accomplishment from your time at The Mailworks are you most proud of?

Being here for over 5 years.

Tell us about your previous professional experience.

I used to be a Little League Baseball umpire for almost 5 years. It was really fun, besides getting hit in the legs a couple times. I miss it sometimes.

Sean Brierly - The Mailworks Employee Spotlight

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